Friday, August 19, 2016

Epi 100 - Holy Crap I Made It!

This week I celebrate reaching 100 episodes! (YaaaaaaY!) Sincerely, I really can’t believe I’ve been chugging along for 100 episodes.  It’s a milestone that I’m proud of, but it still doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing this for 100 weeks!  Anywho ... in this episode I talk about the up’s and down’s, trials and tribulations, and the in’s and out’s of doing a weekly podcast and trying to come up with content every week, and I threw in a couple outtakes just to keep things a tad bit random. Then I cover a great post from our sponsor, Tom Slatin at
Next we dive right into number fourteen of the 20 Jokes So Terrible They’re Actually Funny. Then “Over on the B-Side” I talk about which video games have caught my fancy over the years, even when the number is small because I’m not by any standards a “gamer” and I share about how video games have changed since my youth until now, then I play some of my favorite “summertime” songs! During listener feedback I read and respond to an email from someone who has just recently come out to themselves and close family members.  It’s truly a heartwarming letter and a wonderful share from a listener that many will connect with

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