Friday, October 14, 2016

Epi 108 - Another Year of Podcasting

I had some technical issues with my mic and GarageBand and some of the ends of my words & sentences cut out - I do apologize for this annoying distraction. It’s something I’ll look into for future episodes. I would have re-recorded this episode, but I ran out of time because life got in the way. (Which I’m sure you can understand)

This week I reflect on TWO YEARS of producing this show.  It still is a surprise to me that I’ve been doing this weekly for two years.  What really marks the time are all the listeners who have reached out to me over those last two years. Then I read an entry from our sponsor Tom Slatin from After which we hit number nineteen of the 20 Jokes So Terrible They’re Actually Funny (getting down to the end of the line)
Then we flip over the podcast to the b-side and talk a little bit about spirit day (see links below) and share how I was bullied as a kid.  Then I speak a little bit about LGBT friendly businesses (see more links below)  ... then of course a little bit of listener feedback to close out the episode

Links about Spirit Day

Links about LGBT Friendly Businesses

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